Human Powered Transportation Association

Ontario, Canada

This corporation is a not for profit public benefit corporation (1555597) and is not organized for the private gain of any person.

Mission Statement

The group was formed to promote the use of human powered transportation alternatives on land and water by organizing periodic human power events and competitions for all individuals ; including the mental and physically handicapped. It offers riders a unique experience in alternative modes of transportation and comfort. The events offer creative , educational and challenging experiences.

Objects and  Goals

The principal object of the contests is to combine the best in technology with the best in athletic ability to obtain the fastest and most efficient human powered vehicles and to showcase ongoing technological development for speed and for practical human powered vehicles.

To promote reductions in atmospheric pollution caused by fossil fuel consumption used for personal transportation.

To support a healthy lifestyle that will promote the elimination of health risks like heart disease, obesity and loss of mobility.

The group also promotes innovative human powered vehicle design skills.

Our overall philosophy and policy is to stimulate and not stifle competition and creativity. To this end, we promote any act that assists the public in general , manufacturers, inventors, communities and city land use planners , promoters, innovators and competitors to augment human powered vehicle development.

Scheduled Events

Human powered vehicle events are a different kind of cycling event that involves not just racing, but fun rides for the less athletic, events that include all age ranges, genders and persons with handicaps.

Workshops to educate potential home cycle builders are planned as well as innovative cycle design competitions to showcase the talents of accomplished local builders and inventors.

Trail Rides

Brant County has an extensive collection of cycling trails. Seasonal rides are planned to promote the use of these trails.

Ice Races

Fun races either on a frozen pond or indoor rink. These racers substitute regular tires with studded ones and steer with modified ice skate blades.

HPV Displays

Recumbent dealers and manufacturers will be displaying the newest mass produced designs. Home builders will display their creations as well.

HPV Racing Events

The Wind Del Velodrome races are always interesting and fun. All kinds of Human powered machines will race and test the skills of the riders. Demos of the latest fun human powered vehicles are planned as well.

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